History of This Project:

  1. This Project had been commenced in September 2006 Under Red Hat Supervision.
  2. Primarily only 5 Indic Locales had been selected to proceed with.
  3. First development started with Codepoints of 5 Major Locales.
  4. Glyph Substitution(GSUB) and Glyph Positioning(GPOS) had been included in the subsequent development phases.
  5. 8 more Indic Languages had been covered under this project gradually.
  6. The task of showcasing total set of 13 Indic Locales with set of Codepoints, GSUB and GPOS presented for the first time within an year, July 2007.
  7. The huge database of Reference Images, had been programmatically cropped and given an unique name with its unicode value or combinations of unicode values.