Future Road map:

  1. Enhancement of Test Coverage by adding more sequences from Corpus.
  2. Unicode 6.x Compatibility to be provided soon.
  3. Apply the Digitized Script Grammar on rest of the Languages, currently exist in UTRRS System.
  4. Implement the 3-Tier Architecture support for UTRRS with proper business logic layer in place.
  5. Enhancement of Language Coverage for rest of the Indic Languages and other complex script support.
  6. Implement the Advance Search option with optimum sorting feature in place.
  7. Implement the Run-time Font Change option to provide the users more flexibility in using test cases across different fonts.
  8. Implement the validation of text(line/word) rendering with the dynamic reference image generation from database for input text.
  9. To add the Language Community Feedback (Users and Testers) with valid Authorization Criteria in place.
  10. Generation of custom images on User System for better Feedback.